In keeping with my dedication to further the betterment of the Old Dominion Terrier Breed, I herewith pledge to maintain the following minimum practice:



1.   I will at all times show good sportsmanship and keep in mind that the good of the    sport comes before any personal benefits.

2.   I will help and encourage the serious novice whenever possible.

3.   I agree to follow the rules and regulations set forth by the Old Dominion Terrier Club of America as they pertain to my purebred dog operations.

4.   I will not breed, or breed to unregistered dogs.

5.   I will not sell my puppies to pet shops, or commercial pet mill establishments, or to anyone who does; nor will I allow such people to use my stud dogs for such a  purpose.

6.   I will maintain the best possible standard of health and care for all my dogs.

7.   In my breeding program, I will keep alert for, and work to control and/or eradicate inherited problems and conditions that are particular to my breed,and breed as closely as possible to the standard of the breed.



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