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Mission Statement

Our mission is dedicated to the preservation of a dog breed with a rich history dating back to the 19th Century. The Old Dominion Terrier has served various purposes, from controlling

farm vermin to baiting game for settlers, evolving and adapting over time. Originally derived from small terrier types from England, the breed has taken on numerous forms and

variations to fulfill diverse needs.   The inclusion of the American Staffordshire Terrier and Basenji has enhanced the Old Dominion Terrier's versatility beyond hunting small vermin.

They have proven effective in activities such as wild boar hunts, deer flushing, and guarding ranches against coyote and fox. Additionally, these dogs have become cherished

companions and therapy animals for city dwellers seeking loyalty and companionship.   With a limited gene pool, our efforts spanned the entire United States to identify breeders who

possess the last remaining dogs reflecting the original look and temperament of the Old Dominion Terrier's foundational, 52 Decker Terriers. Our strategy involves reaching back in time

to revive nearly lost genes, not only to preserve the breed but also to eliminate issues like dilute color alopecia and natural bobtails, which may carry potential genetic risks.  

Emphasizing a natural hunting instinct, our focus is not solely on high prey kill dogs, but rather on even-tempered or Omega personality dogs. We are optimistic about the bright future

of this breed and are eager to pass on our mission to the next generation of dedicated breeders.   In line with maintaining the breed's distinct identity, acceptable outcrosses include

Decker Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and Basenjis. Our intention is not to create a new breed but to sustain the existing one with its own unique place and name. All

foundation stock must be registered and in good standing with recognized organizations such as UKC/AKC/NRTA, accompanied by proof of ancestry.


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